NOWOmelt – Meltblown Nonwovens by NOWOtex Made in Germany

NOWOmelt stands for first-class meltblown products made by NOWOtex. NOWOtex is a leading nonwovens manufacturer and supplier in the fields of automotive, filtration, industry and trade, and impresses with decades of experience and excellent industry know-how. In addition to its NOWOtex, NOWOpro and NOWOvlies brands, the company has now also launched a fourth product range called NOWOmelt, for which it has set up a meltblown line for the production of ultra-fine spunmelt nonwovens and expanded its existing nonwovens technology. The company manufactures its NOWOmelt meltblown products at its production facilities in Germany.

Whether open or closed structure, fine or coarser fibres, single-layer or multi-layer meltblown nonwovens ¬–using its own machinery allows NOWOtex to tailor to customer requests swiftly, flexibly and with the highest precision. In addition, the company's broadly poised field of technology allows it to cater to a wide range of material combinations. For example, by connecting spun-bonded or carded nonwovens to meltblown materials using laminating and coating devices in order to create the perfect end product.

What are meltblown materials?

Meltblown materials are extrusion-spun nonwovens that are characterised in particular by their fine fibres, soft feel and homogeneous look. This allows for the production of nonwovens with excellent filtration efficiency, high barrier properties and absorption capacities. Meltblown nonwovens are manufactured using thermoplastic polymers. The raw material undergoes a melting process and is then fed into a spinneret with extremely fine capillaries.

The meltblown manufacturing process is characterised by the polymer being exposed to hot and very fast process air as soon as it comes out of the spinneret. The resulting fibre-air mixture can reach speeds of up to 30,000 m/min. The fibres and air are guided over a vacuumed tray allowing a nonwoven fabric to be formed out of the fibres in the process. Depending on the raw material and process configuration, meltblown nonwovens can be produced with a range of different properties. Functional additives can be added to the polymer to create additional product properties.

Erstklassiges Meltblown für Atemschutzmasken

meltblown filter media
for protective
respirator masks

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